Bill vs Eric – where’s the love

There is chatter among fans that Eric is a better match for Sookie than Bill.  Let’s make a few comparisons.

Bill.  He values human life.  He’s trying to lead a life that sees humans and vampires living together in harmony.  He represents a time of chivalry that has long since passed.  His love for Sookie is more than just lust; he wants a meaningful relationship with her.

Eric.  He’s cold, calculating, manipulative and extremely good looking.  He harbours a genuine distain for humans – he views them as a meal rather that equals.  His love for Sookie is partly lust, and partly just to piss Bill off.  He can’t stand the idea of Bill having something he cannot.

I guess both characters have something going for them.  Bill is the nice guy, whereas Eric is the bad boy – and who doesn’t like bad boys?

So it all comes down to Sookie.

Sookie has a set of ideals that she strongly believes in, and defends.  She views herself as “a lady”.  She wants a relationship based on trust, passion and mutual respect.  These ideals are something that Bill can deliver on; Eric does not fall into the category of her ideal man.  No doubt there will be a struggle between who will win her affections, but I can’t see anything other than Bill being the victor in the end.

Thoughts anyone?

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  1. Avatar photo Nim says:

    Oh – very good points! But, despite the character agendas you’ve pointed out, Eric just doesn’t creep me out as much as Bill does. Perhaps it comes down to actor. Perhaps it comes down to those traditional values.

    I’m not saying Eric is better for Sookie – and I completely agree with your final statement regarding the victor; it’s Sookie and Bill, in the end.
    I just *like* Eric’s character a whole lot better than Bill’s 😛

  2. emerald says:

    Eric all the way! :wub:

    I’m speaking more from the books here, which are much better than the show! 😀 Love both very much though!

    Sure he may be very devious, but he genuinely does love Sookie. And he discovered that love all on his own! Bill is creepy and while he does come off as the good guy, his original intentions – not so good!

    I’m more than happy with the books outcome and can’t wait to see how it turns out in the TV show!

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