The Crossover to End All Crossovers

2009 saw the end of Torchwood Cardiff with the epic “Children Of Earth”. Possibly one of the year’s best and most heartbreaking bits of tv sci-fi writing.
2010 brought us the Dollhouse finale, also sadly well before its time.
In the wake of our mourning, we read (with, I admit, horror) this article, which explains Russel T Davies’s hope/decision to create an America-based Torchwood with the Fox Network – many a Whedonite’s arch-nemesis. (News as of the 22nd April 2010 confirms that the Fox Network has put plans for Torchwood US on hold. Heh. That was quick.)

This news left my friend Nate and I, and undoubtedly many others, both amused and concerned. We undeniably want more of the adventures of both original Torchwood and Dollhouse. Why should Fox get everything and we nothing?

During an out-of-the-blue Facebook conversation, Nate and I came up with a solution: if Fox get Torchwood, the BBC take on Dollhouse. And, through this, Dollhouse: Cardiff was born. You can become a fan of this idea at the Dollhouse: Cardiff Fanpage.

Where our favourite characters and settings are recreated and sort of…mashed together in the crossover to end all crossovers.

The possibilities are endless – and the following is very spoilerific, so avert your eyes if you’re yet to see the ending of either show!

It starts, as most things do, with that convenient rift going through the middle of Cardiff. Who knows what sort of junk will fall out – broken dolls, perhaps?
The cyber conversion chair in the basement? Easily converted to an imprinting station with Topher (DX) and Bennet (DX) on the case.
Then the fun. Imprint Gwen with the skills required to catch the latest alien to fall through the rift! Or imprint Ianto (DX) with Owen’s (DX) memories, so they can finally decrypt THAT ambiguously named folder on his hard drive. And who is this devilishly handsome John Hart time-agent fellow, carrying the memories of someone called Alpha on a “wedge”?
Don’t forget PC Andy! You think something’s up with Gwen’s new super-secretive job? Why not expose it – you might actually free her, Paul-Ballard (DX) style.
And Tosh (DX), dear Tosh. Who gave you those horrible scars?

As for Jack? Torchwood hinged on him. Dollhouse: Cardiff could hinge on finding him, similar to how Dollhouse‘s S1 subplot revolved around the Alpha situation.

What else does this crossover need? Leave your ideas on the FB page or in a comment below.

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