True Blood Minisode #1 – Eric & Pam hold auditions for Fangtasia

HBO are releasing minisodes of of True Blood each week leading up to the launch of season 3 in June.

Minisode #1 – Eric & Pam hold auditions for new talent at Fangtasia.  Here’s an idea for a spin-off… Shreveport’s Got Talent?  Well, maybe not.  Have a look for yourself.


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  1. Jossie says:

    Totally awesome! Can’t wait for True Blood to come back!

  2. Avatar photo Nim says:

    Arghhhh I want to watch these but have to dash off to work…damnit!! DX
    Thanks for posting them nate!
    (Maybe I can sneak in a watch from work 😉 )

  3. Avatar photo Nim says:

    ROFL! That was brilliant! XD

  4. hoodfish says:

    Eric: i’m undead, yet I’m losing the will to live!

    I appreciate true blood, simply because there is actual humour in it rather than only teen angst.

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