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    Welcome to omg-squee!

    You’re probably wondering what this site is all about. Never fear, WTF is omg-squee? is here. Go. Read. We promise you’ll understand after this. Wait. Can we promise that? Yeah. Sure. Why not 😛 Many thanks go to the 70+ people who Fan’d the omg-squee facebook page, prior to the site even launching or knowing […]

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  • I want to squee

    Admitting You Enjoy It

    Random: So, what do you do for fun? Me: Well, I help run a fansite for an Aussie fantasy author – Random: *thought process* Fansite? Fantasy? OMG, nerd! *walks off* [/end contact] I think we’ve all been in the scenario at some time: a social get-together or work gathering where you’ve been given THAT look […]

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