The George Lucas Effect

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I was reading an article recently that was exploring whether or not Star Wars fans would ever “forgive”, as the article put it, George Lucas for the Star Wars prequels and the re-released editions of the original trilogy. The article said that forgiveness was inevitable, due to his lack of involvement in the new Disney-produced […]

On Loyalty to TV Shows

On Loyalty

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It takes a lot to invest your time into a TV series when there are so many to choose from. If a show doesn’t connect in its first episode, many (i.e., millions of) viewers will give up immediately. Each episode each week needs to further this connection by giving more to those who’ve been invested […]


Superhero films take an Ass-Kicking

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Recently the second part of the Kick-Ass franchise (is it a franchise? Sure. Why not?), creatively named Kick-Ass 2, opened in Australia. I was really excited about it, and the film delivered an entertaining, but, actually heart-warming (stay with me here…) story about people choosing to do what’s right, not what’s easy, in a world […]


It’s time to talk about Skyrim

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A few years ago, I wrote an article about the Elder Scrolls IV game, Oblivion, which at the time of writing, I’d become quite obsessed with. It was brilliant to be able to forget about the world for a while, and give in to Gamer OCD (which is also defined in my Oblivion post). On […]


Orphan Black – a TV Show Worth Cloning

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It feels like it’s been a long time since I’ve been excited about watching a show. For perhaps the past year or so, television to me has been all about spoon-feeding the audience the plot, releasing shallow and singular-dimensional characters into the ether, and producing gratuitously sexed-up or violent scenes – because they look good […]