About OMG-Squee!

OMG, Squee! aims to be a resource, a database of news and commentary-type articles about whatever makes you squee – be it Film, TV Show, Anime, whatever. We’re focusing on the speculative genre currently – all things sci-fi, fantasy, horror and mystery, here expanded to include anime and manga.

It also endeavours to be a directory of worthwhile fandom miscellanea. Since there’s so much out there, we’d like to filter through the crap.

“SQUEE”, explained:

*squee* is a high-pitched noise of delight, not unlike the birth noises of a squealing piglet, uttered by a fangirl or fanboy when presented with something from their fandom. Or a picture of a cute animal (like, a squealing piglet).

OMG, Squee! depends largely on the opinions and article submissions of users, so, if you fancy yourself an article-writer, please contact us, and let us know your article idea. We will respond to all submissions.
Articles can also take the form of comic strips, for the more artistically inclined. If you have an idea for a comic that displays your love of any fandom, drop us a line through the contact us form and we’ll explain how we can receive image-based submissions.

OMG, Squee! is an experimental project, to see what works and what interests people. We all squee about something. Thanks for your interest and/or support 😛