(a town called) EUReKA

Small town, big secret. Eureka. If you’re not already familiar with this sci-fi hit, let me introduce you to my favourite little town.

Some time during the Truman presidency, with the help of Albert Einstein, a top secret residential community was born. A residential community purpose built to protect America’s scientific geniuses and to foster the development of tomorrow’s technologies, today.

Eureka was designed by the best architects and planners. Everything about the town is a marvel, from the best education facilities to the best healthcare possible – Eureka is a town that we all would want to live in. Perhaps for one possible exception…

What happens when you get a group of scientists together who are there to push the envelope, who compete against each other taking competition to the extreme? Corners get cut. Experiments are performed without consideration of the consequences. Chaos ensues, with dire consequences and much hilarity.

So, why do I *squee* Eureka? Well, it’s a perfect mixture of science fiction, comedy, romance and drama. It doesn’t take itself too seriously – it’s pretty much 100% fantasy. It allows you to sit down, have a giggle and think to yourself “wow, imagine if that was possible?”. You don’t have to think too hard about the plot to enjoy it. Some might call it “fluff”, but hey… sometimes you need a little bit of uncomplicated enjoyment in your day.

Ok. A few introductions.

Sheriff Jack Carter: (Colin Ferguson) Jack is the town’s ever so charming, friendly neighbourhood sheriff. Who you gonna call when your particle accelerator goes bump in the night? Jack is responsible for (trying) to keep order in the town, as well as reign in experiments that have, well, not gone exactly to plan.

Zoe Carter: (Jordan Hinson) Jack’s delinquent however extremely gifted daughter. Her strained relationship with her father features heavily throughout the series as the both work together to try and mend the broken fences in their relationship.

Alison Blake: (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) Salli has had a rather extensive and impressive career to date. You’ll recognise her from such shows as Stargate SG-1, Star Trek DS9, CSI: Miami, Bones, NYPD Blue and Criminal Minds to name a few. Alison Blake is the director of Global Dynamics (GD) – the technology company funded by the Department of Defence at the centre of Eureka. She’s smart, sexy and the subject of Jack’s unrequited love.

Jo Lupo: (Erica Cerra) Josephina (note: only call her Josephina if you want to get your head kicked in) is Jack’s deputy. A former US Army Ranger, she’s you’re no-nonsense law enforcement gal who’s patience is constantly tested by the residents of Eureka. At times she resents Jack being chosen over her for the role of sheriff.

Henry Deacon: (Joe Morton). Probably best known for his role as Myles Dyson in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Joe Morton plays Henry Deacon – the Town’s Mayor, Mechanic, Mortician and one of the foremost experts in quantum physics and anything else that’s probably going to ruin your day. Henry is Jacks best friend.

Douglas Fargo: (Neil Grayston). Fargo, as he’s known, is the PA to Alison Blake. He’s petty, rude, overly inquisitive and wherever there’s trouble you can pretty much guarantee that Fargo is somehow involved. You’ve gotta love him.

Nathan Stark: (Ed Quinn) Stark is the former director of GD and is also Alison’s ex husband. He’s a brilliant mathematician but also arrogant. Stark’s previous romantic involvement with Alison makes him Jack’s rival for Alison’s affection.

S.A.R.A.H.: Built by Fargo, S.A.R.A.H. (Self Actualised Residential Automated Habitat) is an artificially intelligent house which runs and occasionally ruins Jack’s life. She handles the daily chores, helps Zoe with her homework but also provides companionship for the lonely Jack – even if he doesn’t really want it.

So, Eureka is very far-fetched, but I guess that’s why I like it. The acting isn’t always spot on, for example there’s a Zoologist who’s apparently Australian. His spin on the Australian accent at times makes me want to reach into the screen and throttle him. But hey, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Seasons 1 – 3 of Eureka are available on DVD from good and bad stores near you. Season 4 premieres in July on the SyFy channel. Do yourself a favour – check it out.

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