Lego Firefly

There’s a ton of Firefly fan-made lego models out there; here’s some of the best I’ve been able to find…if only the people behind Star Wars Lego and Harry Potter Lego would be inspired enough by these to make us a Firefly Lego game, huh?

Serenity herself

epic light-up Serenity from

Shiny! From

on a smaller scale - another creation

‘Verse Miscellanea

I swallowed a bug. From

Blue Sun mosaic - keep out of reach of crazies, they might smashy. From, by spring_mcmanus

Thrilling Heroics

Firefly characters!

Whole Serenity crew - from

Serenity crew encounter Darth Vader! From

Had to be one out there somewhere XD ...from

Be afriad...from, by Reasonably Clever Chris.

And finally, the chilling Two By Two…

...Hands of Blue! :O *flail* from, by Dunechaser

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  1. sheena says:

    Lego Forever! I still remember how I used to love them as a kid.

  2. susane says:

    Its show time.. they all seem geared up for a war.. haha!

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